Our Services

Our services include:

  • Counselling on migration requirements and procedures
  • Assessment and realistic advice on prospects and visa strategies
  • Preparation of visa applications and detailed supporting submissions
  • Advice and assistance with skills assessments
  • Advice and assistance with State and Territory nomination applications
  • Preparation and conduct of appeals
  • Advice on housing, education, health services, banking and business opportunities

Australia has a highly complex and legalistic visa system which requires applications to be carefully prepared in accordance with the legal requirements. That is our expertise.

It is the policy of Ashmore Brown & Associates to accept clients only when we are satisfied that there are realistic prospects of a successful application. Ashmore Brown has a proven track record with a high success rate being maintained over many hundreds of applications.

Our business is based on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. Ashmore Brown offers clients the benefit of visa and migration expertise acquired over many years of service in the migration advice profession, covering both the government and private sectors.

The interests of our clients are of paramount importance. Ashmore Brown is keenly aware of the stresses associated with a decision to migrate and the complex issues involved with relocating a family to a new country. Ashmore Brown cooperates with a network of professionals in Australia to assist with the relocation process including advice on such matters as taxation, education, health services, banking and business opportunities.

We offer realistic and strategic advice on Australian visa options and prospects, assistance in the preparation, submission and processing of visa applications. 

Specialties include Skills based migration visas (Independent and State/Territory nominated); employer sponsored residence visas; employer sponsored temporary work visas (Temporary Skills Shortage 482 visas, Exchange visas, Trainee visas); Temporary Work, short stay 400 visas; Partner visas; Parent visas; Child visas; Distinguished Talent visas; Business visas for business owners and investors; and Significant Investor Visas.

For skilled migration visa applications our services include advice and assistance with skill assessment applications to skills assessing authorities such as Vetassess, TRA, the Computer Society of Australia, the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council, and the professional bodies for accountants, architects, and engineers.